Basketball betting is one of the most popular gambling activities in Nigeria. The dominance of basketball provides punters with numerous markets on which to bet. This basketball sports betting review explains a few basics and how to play in Nigeria.

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The Popularity of Basketball in Nigeria

Basketball is second only to football when looking at the popularity of online sports betting in Nigeria. One reason for that is that the sport has a decent fan base in the country and an even bigger one outside. Gamblers are never short of events on which to out their money. A majority of punters prefer NBA betting. A few national and regional tournaments are also available, including events in the Nigerian Basketball Premier League.

Basketball Betting

basketball betting

The sport is relatively easy, and so is the betting. Punters in Nigeria have a lot to work with thanks to the variety of markets that sportsbooks provide. Basketball betting has favorites and underdogs, like any other sport. Here are the common bet types and markets.

Types of Bets

Point spread basketball wagering, also called handicap betting, sets the number of points that a team must collect to win. The punter wagers on the team that will outperform the prediction.

In a money line bet, the bettor has to wager on the team that is going to win. A correct pick wins the bet. The favorite usually has lower payouts than the underdog.

An over/under bet is when the sportsbook determines the total number of points that both teams will score. The punter then has to bet if the final score will be more (over) or less (under).

Betting Markets

With 30 teams each playing 82 games, the NBA is the biggest basketball league in the world. EuroLeague basketball betting is another market available for Nigerian gamblers. Depending on the sportsbook, Nigerian punters can wager on local and regional events like the FIBA Africa Basketball League. Teams playing in Asia are also present on various betting sites.

Top Online Basketball Betting Sites

License and registration is a key aspect when picking an online platform for sports betting. A bookmaker must have the authorization to offer betting services by a recognized body. Punters should also check the usability of a site, promotions, and available betting markets. Here are three of the best basketball betting sites in Nigeria.


The sportsbook is well-established in Nigeria and beyond with registration by the Lagos State Lotteries Board. Punters have several promotions from which to choose. Nairabet has pre-match and live betting. It covers different basketball markets from the NBA to Chinese Basketball. The bookmaker has some of the most competitive odds in sports betting.


Novice gamblers who want a simple website where they can learn online sports betting should consider Betway. It’s one of the most usable platforms. Gamblers can bet on a variety of basketball markets, including FIBA, EuroLeague, and NBA games. The bookmaker also provides mobile and SMS sports betting.


The gambling platform covers over 25,000 events every month, including some of the biggest ones in basketball. NetBet is ideal for punters who prefer wagering on international basketball markets. Several virtual basketball betting options are also available. Customers can leverage several bonuses, including exclusive mobile promotions.

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Bonuses and Promotions for Basketball

Some sportsbooks have offers that players can use in basketball. Welcome packages are common, and some sites allow punters to bet with them on basketball. Mobile bonuses are other types of promotions that Nigerian gamblers can use to boost their bankrolls. Promotions come in the form of free funds or bets.

Basketball Betting Apps Bet on The Go

Putting money on your favorite basketball events doesn’t mean having to stick to a desktop computer all the time. Mobile sports betting is just as versatile as other forms of gambling. Bookmakers have dedicated apps that provide basketball gambling on smartphones and tablets. The applications have almost all the features that players require. Some operators have live streaming as well. The benefit of mobile betting is that punters can do it from anywhere.


Basketball is a widely popular sport. With events running most of the year across several leagues, punters almost always have something on which they can bet. Nigeria offers more than enough options for gamblers who love basketball. Bettors can wager on their favorites from different parts of the world. A decent selection of domestic and international platforms are available as well. Nigerian punters can capitalize on various promotions and improve their chances of winning.

basketball betting

Basketball Betting FAQs

Nigerian punters can find more information about betting on basketball in the following questions.

❔ What is under and over in basketball betting?

An over-under basketball strategy is when you wager if a pre-determined score will be higher or lower.

⚖️ Can I legally bet on basketball in Nigeria?

Yes. The gambling laws in Nigeria don’t explicitly cover online sports betting. Therefore, gamblers can wager on different sports like basketball as long as it’s from a registered gambling platform.

? What is the money line?

It’s a wager on which team wins in a game, regardless of the point spread. The favorite is the team to win while the one that’s expected to lose is the underdog.