How to Use the Martingale Strategy

Even experienced blackjack players are sometimes confused about the meaning of martingale. The simplest way to understand it, is that you ramp up your wager every time you lose. This type of system is called “negative progression”. But all that means, is that each time you have a losing bet, you stake more on the next round.

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And it’s not just a little bit more. With the martingale system blackjack players double their bet each time they lose. You can see how quickly this increases the level of a bet. Once you win again, you return to your original stake.

Now, this is great if you win back everything you lost. But on a long losing streak, you may go bust before the martingale system pays off. So the best martingale strategy tip is that you should start by making very small bets to start with. That way, if you have to double up repeatedly, you should get a win before you run out of money. The win will take you straight back to evens, and this is the main feature of the system.

Can it Beat the House Edge?

Martingale stategy

The blackjack house edge is usually around 0.5%. But you don’t adopt the martingale betting scheme to beat the house edge. Martingale system sports betting is about getting back to evens as quickly as possible, when you have had a losing streak. Beating the house edge is about playing against the dealer, and building up wins gradually.

The same is true of “Paroli”, also known as the reverse martingale. With this blackjack strategy, you double up each time you win. Some of the same tips apply, in that you need to start with a very low bet, to allow for the doubling. However, when you don’t win, you go back to the same low wager. It’s only when you win that you double up. So this system can’t drain your bankroll as fast as the straight martingale strategy.

Hidden Dangers

One of the problems with the standard martingale strategy is that you rely on doubling up to the point where you win your losses back. The hidden danger here, is that you can hit the limit on the blackjack table very rapidly. And this means that you can’t pursue the strategy to its limit.

The doubling of the bet can get inexperienced players into deep water very quickly. So before you start to play, find a table with the lowest possible starting wager. Even better, try the strategy out on some free play online casino sites. This will help you to find out whether you’ll be comfortable using it when playing for real money.

Using the reverse martingale, a single losing bet can wipe out all of your doubled-up profits. So it’s as high risk as the ordinary martingale strategy.

The risks involved in constantly doubling a wager, have led to the development of another blackjack strategy. This is the 3 step martingale. You only progress your bet three times. Then you return your wager to the lowest one you started with. This limits the amount you are wagering. But of course, as with all strategies, lower risk means lower rewards.

Another martingale risk lies in your own playing style. If you are a very aggressive player, with a high-risk appetite, you may start wagering at too high a level. Then you’ll find yourself betting very large amounts if a losing streak sets in. Alternatively, if you’re a gentler player, who dislikes risk, you may back out at exactly the wrong moment. It can be very alarming to see how high the doubled bet is. Yet backing out halfway through a martingale strategy is a sure-fire way to lose money.

Can Martingale Help me Keep Winning?

Martingale strategy explained

Whenever you use the double martingale as the basis for your blackjack strategy, bear one thing in mind. The use of the martingale strategy in any of its forms, won’t influence the outcome of your bet. It can’t help you win or stop you losing. It’s purely a betting strategy, that aims to win back your losses by doubling up on potential wins.

The key with using the martingale strategy is to know when to stop. The best idea is to set a winnings limit, and when you have reached it, stop playing. But don’t stop playing when you are trying to win back losses. In fact, the martingale method always works best as a short-term wagering strategy, rather than a long term playing method.