A roulette strategy can range from simple to highly sophisticated one. Below, we take a look at some of the most popular and explain how they work. Once you’ve discovered them, you’ll be well placed to choose the one you think is best suited to your playing style.

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Is there a really effective roulette strategy?

While there are no roulette tricks to win constantly, read on to find out how to play profitably. Most roulette strategies, such as the martingale, are actually betting strategies. And as with other casino games, before you can implement a strategy, you need to understand the odds of any bet paying off.

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Most Common Roulette Strategies

There’s no single roulette winning system. If there was, the casinos would be bankrupt! There are a number of roulette strategies that can help though. Read on to find out about the Martingale, La Bouchere, Paroli, and others.

Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is a roulette strategy that involves increasing your bet in specific circumstances. There are several progressive betting roulette strategies.

Martingale and Reverse Martingale Strategy

The most famous of these is the martingale strategy. Each time you lose, you double your bet. When you win, you’ll be back at evens. The snag is that the amount of the wager increases very rapidly. You may hit the table limit, no matter how low your initial bet. So when it comes to the martingale strategy roulette can be an expensive and risky game.

The reverse martingale strategy, sometimes called the Paroli, applies to winning bets. With the reverse martingale, you bet progressively more each time you win, and progressively less each time you lose.

D’Alembert Strategy

Then there’s the d’Alembert roulette strategy. While the basic Martingale requires a doubling of bets, this system is more subtle. Your wager doesn’t increase as sharply as it does with the Martingale. You choose a wagering unit. When you lose, you increase your bet by one unit. And when you win, you decrease it by one unit. So the progression is slower than with the Martingale, and this strategy is less risky.

Labouchere Betting System

In addition, there’s the split martingale, also known as the Labouchere betting system. This system is slightly more complex. It’s used with even bets - black or red, odd or even numbers, and the ranges 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. You devise a sequence of numbers. You choose the first and last number in your sequence, add them, and bet that amount.

If you win, you take the first and last number out of your sequence, and decrease your wager by just one unit. If you lose, you add the number that you just bet, to the end of the sequence.

Your wager doesn’t increase as sharply as it does with the Martingale. So it’s a less risky roulette strategy. As for choosing the sequence of numbers - this can be a highly complex mathematical challenge!

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Non-Progressive Betting Roulette Strategy

Some players prefer non-progressive wagers because they aren’t as risky as progressive bets. But they can be every bit as intriguing, and offer highly complex roulette strategy games. Experienced players often say that some of the best roulette bets are the non-progressive ones.

James Bond Strategy

Probably the best-known example is the James Bond strategy. This roulette strategy is designed for the single zero roulette wheel - the European version. It involves three stages. First, you bet 140 units on the range 19 to 36. Next, you put 50 units on the range 13 to 18. Then you bet 10 units on the zero.

Let’s look at what happens. If the result is a number between 13 to 18 or 19 to 36, or zero, you win the corresponding amount, from 80 to 160. But if the result is a number between 1 and 12 you lose everything. This is where the James Bond roulette strategy gets interesting. Because you now apply the martingale system of doubling up, until you are even.

It’s easy to remember this system, but as with the straight martingale, there’s a lot of risk in doubling up bets.

Betting on Neighbouring Numbers

This is a fairly simple option. You choose a number, and your wager includes the two numbers on each side of the chosen one, when looking at the roulette wheel. You’re effectively betting on five numbers. We’ve all seen a roulette wheel bounce before settling. This strategy allows for that, by covering a section of the wheel.


It should be clear from this discussion on roulette strategy, that every player will have their own preference. There’s no one best roulette strategy. The best one for you will be the one that has a level of risk and complexity that you’re comfortable with. For some, it’s always going to be a simple roulette strategy of black and red numbers. At the other extreme, talented mathematicians will be experimenting with probability theory.

This is why roulette is such a fascinating game. It looks simple but is rich with intriguing roulette strategy theories. The best way to win at roulette is to learn the odds, pick an appropriate roulette strategy - and have fun playing.

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